Public Forum

We are Excited to invite you to our Long-waited Upcoming Public Forum on 21 Oct 2021 at 3PM.

You are invited to join us at a virtual SDU “Work Health & Safety Forum” event in October 2021 organised by Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic.

By attending this event the participants will gain knowledge in work health and safety at the workplace. Participants will also get the “Certificate of Attendance” and 3 SDU points by SISO.

Date & Time
Date: 21st October 2021
Time: 3-6 PM
Venue: Virtual Zoom

Registration (Seats are limited, First come first serve)  
Mobile: 9871 2244

Topics Covered:
Common hand injuries at workplace   
Benefit of return to work program at workplace 
Challenges of mental health in workforce  

Main Speakers:
Dr Kevin Yip (Orthopaedic Specialist)
Dr S. Bharathi Mohan (Orthopaedic Specialist) 

Special Guest Speakers:
Mr Nazrul Islam (WSH Officer)

Thank you and look forward to welcoming you to this event. 

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SSOC Work Health and Safety Frum 2021

SSOC Work Health and Safety Forum 2021


We have held several Public Forums successfully with a consistently high attendance rate, in both the lecture theatres in Gleneagles Hospital as well as external locations. For example, we have had public forums at prestigious locations like Regent Hotel Singapore, where the participants were treated to insightful and inspiring speeches by SSOC Doctors as well as our many guest speakers.

Due to COVID 19, we had done a Zoom sharing session with a few companies.

The history of our speaker

Dr. Joanna Lin
Dr. Lin is a renowned Oncologist as well as a veteran Triathlete. She has participated actively in all types of races, from triathlons to Iron Man competitions. Dr. Lin has a wealth of knowledge that she is never afraid of sharing.

Mr. Allen J Pathmarajah
Mr. Allen is a Fellow in the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Marketing Institute of Singapore, and Singapore Human Resources. Mr. Allen is also the Executive Chairman of AJP Advisers Pte Ltd and Business Thinking Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Mr. Allen is frequently invited to speak on topics on leadership and various management topics to business and public sectors locally and internationally.
Dr. William Tan
Dr. William Tan is a neuroscientist, medical doctor & Paralympian. He contracted polio when he was two and became paralyzed from the waist down. Despite his disability, Dr. Tan worked hard to become a neuroscientist and a medical doctor. Dr. Tan is also an accomplished sportsman. An Asian-Pacific Games triple gold medalist, he has competed in the 1988 Seoul Paralympics, the World Games, and the Commonwealth Games. Dr. Tan is frequently invited to speak on topics of determination and motivation and has also written a book in both Chinese and English. 
Late Mr. Chan Meng Hui 
Late Mr. Chan Meng Hui is referred to as the oldest marathoner in Singapore and has recently completed his 101st marathon in 2015 at the age of 85. He started running 2-3 marathons per year ever since his first marathon in Shanghai at the age of 60. At the end of his 101st marathon, Late Mr. Chan is looking forward to his next marathon the next year. A dear friend to Dr. Kevin Yip, Late Mr. Chan is usually invited to speak on topics on determination and willpower.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Due to COVID 19, we will be conducting the public forum via Video conferencing.

Date to be confirmed

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